Botanical Gardens: Edinburgh

I spent the day at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh walking around taking pictures that I could use to inspire my college studio work. I was looking for particularly interesting textures or colour palettes that usually we might overlook in order to see the more beautiful plants and trees. Below is a really nice colour palette (a close up of a decaying leaf) that would be great to use for Autumn/winter projects followed by the stone walkway which would be great for a patterned texture, finally the fallen spiky pine cone leaves. I took so many pictures but just added a few of the more unusual but interesting ones!


Stockbridge: Edinburgh

I spent the day going round the little area of Stockbridge which has some really nice charity shops and cafes. I found an amazing orange tea set and took some pictures of candles from above because I thought they were interesting in shape (not sure what I could do with them though). I like the area of Stockbridge, with the river running through and the charity shops carry some really nice quality items and vintage fabrics! I work in Barnardos there as a volunteer so tried to see the area with new eyes

Museum of Edinburgh

I spent the day with my family at the National Museum in Edinburgh. Since the refurbishment the museum is far more exciting that it was before with so may different areas. I took lots of pictures but tried to find surfaces or textures that interested me like the two below. They are a close up of a crystal and a large shell. I would have loved to get my paper and crayons out and done some rubbings as I think the textures would have been amazing on screen but I restrained myself! The top picture is of a coffin from another country in the shape of a car which was to signify the deceased wealth and standing in the particular community…I thought this was really unusual and different.

Mandors Fabric Store: Edinburgh

I went on a visit to Mandors in Edinburgh to see what fabrics were available for my current projects. Although much smaller that the Glasgow shop they had some interesting fabrics and were close by to my house which is really convenient! I think it is good to know what variety of fabrics are available and the various prices, as this information I have learned can be crucial to a projects success. The next stop is the Cloth shop…

Leith Circle: Revisited

I decided to revisit some of the locations mentioned on the Google class map and one of the places that I thought sounded interesting was the Leith Circle shop which sells arts and crafts which are made by local and international artists. They have a range of paintings and craft items to suit all budgets and they also take in work from local artists which they will sell in the shop. I like what they have written on their website ‘ No matter what your individual choice, beliefs or your chosen path of life, Leith Circle invites you to share your creative spirit, be it in art, crafts or words. All are warmly welcome and all judgements are left outside’

The Glasgow Vintage Coy.

Lastly we visited an really nice little vintage shop which had a whole downstairs dedicated to guys! They had some really nice clothes which in turn had some amazing patterns. The prices were reasonable and not as pricey as some we had visited. As the girls got caught up in the women’s floor upstairs I headed downstairs (hoping to find a nice vintage denim shirt!) and some nice patterns.

Downstairs I never found the denim shirt that I hoped to find but I did find the various patterns that I have added below. They were all from men’s vintage clothing and I think its great that they were worn by braver ‘blokes’ that me in the past! Some of the designs really appeal to me for the geometric nature and wonderful colours…very inspiring, another few for my folder. Home time…phew!

Glasgow West End: Starry starry night paint your palette blue and grey…

Next we went along Byres in the West end of Glasgow. There was a good selection of charity shops and lots of boutique shops. The first one we visited was Starry starry night which had a good range of vintage clothes and accessories not too mention some handmade silver jewellery. There were shelves, rails and boxes containing everything from scarves and top hats to doilies and dresses.

Although I must admit I found a little shop down the lane called RELICS which I found far more interesting which had a lot of vintage ceramics, glass and old comics to name but a few (there were even two cats!…which were not for sale). I took pictures of various items that interested me whether for the colour combinations or patterns. I just had to take a wee picture of the cat!